Trivia Night a Success!

Hall set up and ready to go!

Silent auction table with an array of fun treasures.

People also bid on our Blind Date with a book. (Thanks for the idea Sue Shaw!)

Wasn’t that fun? We had a great crowd out  and a VERY successful Trivia Night.

Good turn-out!

Big, big thanks to that amazing trivia team who so capably runs these events that some of us SIN members actually sat down and PLAYED! What a guilty pleasure for us. And how about those questions compiled by Heidi Werner who so creatively made them relate to SiN? That was fantastic!

Of course, we need to thank also those BBCers who’ve crossed over to become SiN members and capably took on some key jobs last night. Those hand pies made for us by Marla were awwww-mazing! And of course, we appreciate John and Christine’s bar-tending work too!

We hope you enjoyed our “blind dates” as much as we liked gathering them. Please come back here and share your thoughts on your winning books with us! And we thank everyone who supported our silent auction.

When all was said and done, there WAS a winning team, led by Gordon Graham.

Great job. You guys rocked. But then so did ALL of the teams.

In the end, the BIG WINNER was Stories In The North! The Graham team’s charity of choice to receive

“You can get anything at Stedman’s!” said MC Jenn in response to: “Canadians Buying More Sex Toys Due To Lack Of Hockey, Retailers Say” Real headline? True!

the $500.00 was STORIES IN THE NORTH!!!

So there you have it. We haven’t named all the names of those who helped but we’re sure you saw them running around and we hope they know how much we truly appreciate them. Without them this event would never have been as successful.

SiN’s true love is promoting literary arts and events in northern Ontario so watch for news of more events in the coming months!

Marla hand made all of the half-time snacks in the kitchen!

Ta Da! The winning team generously donated their $500 spoils to SiN! Thanks guys! We promise to spend it wisely — and creatively!!!