A Look Back at November’s Open Mike Night

We’re a little slow at reporting on our last event and late or not, we’d be doing an injustice if we didn’t share the details of that event with you. It was our November Open Mike Night!

First of all, some people wonder why we spell “mike” as we do and not as “mic” since “mic” is short for “microphone”. While some might say the latter is the proper word, we’ve googled it and found that both are acceptable. And frankly, we like “Mike” better. We like the way it “writes”. So Mike it is.

And so, as we said, we held our fall Open Mike Night earlier in November. While our categories weren’t totally full, we were thrilled with the number of entries we had. There were only a couple of spaces not filled and we certainly had enough entrants to make for a full evening and a super show. We also had a crowd on hand that we’re sure will attest to that fact. It was so great to see many performers and audience members back again — and to welcome newcomers as well!


Here’s Boniface Idziak who has read his works a couple of times previously and returned again, as a contestant. Emcee Gerry Clark always entertains the crowd as he leads us through the rules, the introductions, and even some filler material (in the way of jokes and on this occasion, a game of Know Your Doctors). Stories in the North committee members do everything from collect bios from performers, “man” the door and prep the snack table to collect and count the ballots after performers in each category have performed. These volunteers also watch the time and send up warnings as time runs out on contestants. They dole out a few door prizes too.


Much thanks to Paton Lodge Lindsay who donated copies of her books, King of Algonquin Park and The King’s Ransom. The King’s Ransom was hot off the press that week. (A big congratulations to Paton on getting this second book published. Watch for her reading and signing in the next few months. You’re sure to see her out and about somewhere in the district.)

Gerry with book

Here’s Jerry, one of our repeat guests with his autographed copy of King of Algonquin Park.

gab & bern

And here’s Gabrielle (left) with her door prize, St. Joseph Island Coffee Roaster’s Looming Deadline coffee created just for Stories in the north. Her friend, Bernice (right) won the copy of The King’s Ransom.

When all was said and done, or should we say when the contestants were all done, the winners were announced. Newcomer Sue Roy won in the Words & Music category. Special thanks to both Sue and audience member Perry MacDonald for providing us with a little after-show music.


Winner in the Poetry category was Greg Laurenceson from Elliot Lake. Here he is with his wife.

Greg was just one of the several contestants who travelled from Elliot Lake to participate in and/or watch our show. Here’s the rest of their group!El Lakers

They are such a talented bunch and they’re loads of fun too! It’s always a pleasure to have them at our events.

Two Stories in the North members were winners as well. Pauline Clark won in the Fiction category while Angie Gallop won in True Stories. The winner in each category received a $50.00 bill. Stories in the North thanks Heather Blois for donating the prize money.

We also send a shout out to Royal Canadian Legion (Thessalon) Branch 182 for again allowing us to hold our event downstairs at the Legion. It’s the perfect venue for Open Mike and we appreciate that they let us go in, rearrange furniture, set up our food and sometimes stay long after the event ends! We also thank Tom Carnahan for looking after lighting and sound. It helps makes for a great show.

We managed to snag photos of a few other guests. Here’s a peek at some of them. See anyone you know?


Heather & friends


After a busy fall, Stories in the North is ending the year off a little quieter but we’ll be back at it early in the new year. Watch for announcements of our next author event coming in Spring 2015. We haven’t finalized details yet but we expect other activities in 2015 will include a spring Open Mike, the return of our short story contest and our annual silent auction fundraiser.

We welcome good/unusual/collectable/desirable donations of goods for the silent auction event so be sure to think of us when you’re making room for your new Christmas gifts or generally just cleaning out. Simply contact any member or message us here or on Facebook and we’d be happy to take your item(s).

In case we aren’t in touch before year’s end, may each of you have a wonderful Christmas season and a Happy New Year and please know that we appreciate the support of each and every one of you whether it’s participating in our workshops, attending events, donating to our silent auction or following us here on our blog, on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Thanks again!

Please feel free to join in conversation by sharing your thoughts on Open Mike. Have you ever attended an Open Mike? What’s your favourite category? Would you want to see a comedy category and would you enter it?