A Weekend With Waubgeshig Rice

Well, folks…it’s hard to believe it’s been over a week since the Stories in the North author event.

To all of you who attended: wasn’t that a blast?

We had SO MUCH fun right from the start of the weekend when we hosted some of our special guests to dinner. We continued with the fun with the workshops and lunch on Saturday and it didn’t stop until the packed evening show ended on Saturday night.

We took a whole bunch of photos and we’re happy to finally get around to sharing some with you. Keep reading for a look back at another fab Stories in the North weekend! (We don’t MEAN to pat ourselves on the back but seriously, it’s all you, our artists and our participants, who truly make our events a success. Thank you for that.

So first up; here’s a peek at the dinner. We call ourselves “the homebaking literary festival” and needless to say, some of our committee members have talents that start way before the dessert course.

Here we are doing a bit of pre-dinner socializing.

IMG_1234 That’s one of our musical performers, Samantha Giguere (above, centre) along with SiN members (Samantha’s mom) Kelly (left) and Heather Blois (right). (Did you know the photos will come up bigger if you click on them?)

IMG_1239There’s Kelly again along with another musician, Julia Bisaillon (centre) and SiN member Pauline Clark (left).

IMG_1235There’s Julia again with SiN member Ali Doi and her husband Len.

IMG_1238 And two more SiN hubbies! That’s Gerry Clark (left) and Gord Graham (center) along with Gord’s other (better?) half, Angie Gallop.

IMG_1233 This gal has the cutest smile ever and you should (if you haven’t yet) hear her and her Dad play music together. Áine O’Gorman was one of our musicians and that’s her dad, Pat O’Gorman, with her.


IMG_1230And on to the food…well…uh…actually, here’s the salad as the food starts to come out and there’s a yummy cake waiting for us at the end of the meal but guess what? We all got so carried away with the amazing spread and the visiting that we forgot to take photos of the rest of the dinner spread.

We also missed taking photos of John Degen (he’s Executive Director of Writer’s Union of Canada) who was able to arrive to Thessalon on time for dinner. We did get photos of John Saturday when he led a workshop on “making money as a writer in Canada” though.

Unfortunately, Waubgeshig Rice wasn’t able to join us for dinner on Friday evening but that’s okay. We’re excited that we’ll always have a part of him right here in Algoma. That’s because he’s got family here now that he married Sarah McGregor of Bruce Mines. (We sort of suspect we’ll get to see him again in the future! Maybe he’ll back when he writes his NEXT novel?)

Anyway, it was great fun right from the start. Then, when John arrived and everyone was talking about the show and the musicians delighted us with a sneak peek of what would be coming the next day…well it was right then and there that we knew this weekend was going to be a great success!

And we were right.
But we don’t want to bore you with loonnnnggg posts so we’ll continue with more photos tomorrow! Be sure to watch for them!