Evening Show with Waubgeshig Rice

Stories in the North is still coming down from the excitement of our recent event. We’ve been sharing photos of the weekend with you for the past couple of days. Here’s a look at the grand finale…the evening show! As you know, our evening shows feature the author–in this case, Waubgeshig Rice, author of  the recently released novel, Legacy, published by Theytus Books. We hold our events at the IOOF (aka Oddfellows or New Ontario Lodge) Hall in Thessalon. The Rebekahs make an amazing spread of finger food. Hopefully everyone got at least a bit to eat on this evening. We usually have tons of food but we were truly overwhelmed (and grateful) with our audience. It was our biggest ever!

The stage was set with our white tablecloths and low lighting which was excellent to feature these attractive centrepieces honouring the First Nations people! Thanks to Ali Doi and her friend for creating these.

honouringtheirroots Our show always starts off with a little music to get us in the mood. In this case, we had a great selection of artists that were heralded as “Les Sables Connection“. For those who don’t know, Au Sables was the original name for Thessalon First Nation.

Here, Bill Bisaillon and his young drummers provided some drumming while Bill’s sister, Julia Bisaillon belted out some tunes! That’s Samantha Giguere on the guitar.


Samantha also played with these three young ladies. Wow! Great fiddle music! (Hey, do you KNOW the difference between a fiddle and a violin? Tell us in the comment section.) Those other young ladies include Vanessa Ervin, Áine O’Gorman, and Carolyn Devon.


In one number, Áine tap-danced to the fabulous music. All of our shows feature short sets of music interspersed with readings from the featured author. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed Waubgeshig’s readings from his new novel, Legacy and many took the opportunity to buy a copy and have it signed by the author.


Here are two of our guests, Bernice Walker (left) and Gabrielle Boyer (right) holding up their copies of Legacy.


And here’s Walter getting his copy signed.


Some of our special guests included these five people. That’s Christina Akrong, Associate Arts Education Officer for the Ontario Arts Council seated second from left. Thanks to Christina and her associates for coming such a long ways to join us! (We’re forever grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for their support of Stories in the North and we encourage ALL artists to check out their website regularly AND apply for any programs you are eligible for!


Hey, Sharon Chillman….we hope you enjoyed the show! Sharon was the winner of our Facebook contest for free admission to the evening show. (Be sure to go and LIKE us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/storiesinthenorth. Now let’s take a look at a few other people enjoying the show….









Here’s SiN member (and emcee for the evening) Angie Gallop with our ever-faithful bartender John Jackson. Thanks John–and Joanne Laine too–for running the bar for us!

And finally, here are a couple more photos of Waub. We didn’t get photos of him while he was actually on the stage reading mostly because we were too captivated by what he was reading to get up and take photos! But we got him mixing with the crowd and that’s pretty fun too!


Here’s Angie with Waub….


…and here’s Waub with his new “Auntie”, Kathy Cullis…


…which brings us back to those young performers who actually approached “Auntie” and asked if she had any “pull” for them to get their photo with the author. Of course, she told him she did and Waub was more than happy to oblige….

Such a nice guy…such a nice evening…

Be sure to get his book. If you aren’t able to buy a copy, you’ll find copies of both Legacy and Midnight Sweatlodge (his first book of short stories) at Thessalon Public Library.

evg audience

Here’s one final look at the crowd at that very fine show. Thank you all for supporting Stories in the North!

Till our next event, our advice is to go read (or write!) a good book.
And be sure to tell us about it.