Want to have a sneak peek at our auction?

Hey everyone:

Don’t tell the rest of the Stories in the North group (uh oh do you think they’ll read this?) but I’m giving a sneak peek at our silent auction.

That’s right! We are once again holding a fun, exciting, interesting, creative silent auction as one of our main fundraisers. Stories in the North receives funding from the Ontario Arts Council as well as other places but sometimes that means we also need to provide a bit of funding ourselves so this auction is one of our ways of doing it.

The auction goes live on July 14 at Northern Credit Union in Thessalon and will run up until Friday morning on August 1. Be sure to stop in and make your bids often. That’s the only way to be sure you get the items you want. You’ll find out if you were successful on August 1. What a way to start off ¬†Thessalon’s Community Day weekend! Agreed?

Anyway, some of our group members have been hard at it getting baskets of goodies itemized and packaged for the auction. They were SO busy the other day they didn’t even notice me sneaking around with a camera.

So take a peek at what I was able to photograph:

Look at all the pretty ribbons! You can just imagine how pretty all the packages look.
Here’s Ali wrapping something now. I’m not sure what’s in this one. You’ll have to look for it at Northern Credit Union when the auction is all set up.

Look at how pretty these are! There’s a beautiful decanter in with these glasses. Oh, no! I don’t need more dishes! Or do I?

glasses (2)
These ones look pretty too!

How about a vase? I love the picture on it. Don’t you?

pasta set
Here’s a pasta set that even comes with the food. It would make a great gift. Yes. Even for yourself.

Backyard fireworks! What a great collection. You can be sure this set has been all hand-picked by the pros to make a beautiful little show.

Wow! Gorgeous dish.

Ah. Yes. I AM partial to coffee themed things. I see bidding coming up for sure.

And look at here….it’s Angie, hard at work documenting all these items for the auction. I think she said she was at #57! Whew! As you can tell from that number, I couldn’t possibly photograph everything. There’s gift certificates and donations from many local businesses and residents and we’ll be thanking them all for sure.

Meanwhile, do tell your friends you SAW a sneak peek on the Stories in the North website (but don’t tell the committee!).