An Evening With Charles Wilkins

Stories in the North is still floating from the excitement of a very successful and fun-filled weekend with author Charles Wilkins. The weekend began with a dinner for our guest of honour with SiN members and their spouses present as well as some friends in attendance.

Saturday morning began with writing workshops, first with Charles, then with Gloria Jean Hansen of Elliot Lake.

And finally, it was time for the evening show. It was our best attendance ever with a pretty much packed house enjoying the readings interspersed with great “sea shanty-style” music by local musicans Len Doi and Al St. Pierre. The musicians were accompanied as well by bass player Peter Evans from Blind River. The crowd delighted in the music provided by these guys.

Equally delightful were the passages Charles read to the crowd from his recently published memoir “Little Ship of Fools”. The book is a true story about a rowing journey across the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to Barbados.

As always, the crowd was wowed by the fantastic buffet of appetizers and finger foods provided by the local Rebekah Lodge.

Take a look back on the evening with us:
The book that brought Charles Wilkins back to us. Did you know he was our first guest author five years ago? That’s when he found out about the boat crossing the Atlantic. If you read the book, you’ll see where he mentions Stories in the North which pretty much puts us on the map. Agreed?
centrepiece  nets
Some might consider getting ready to be half the fun. Here’s the materials we used to create our themed floating candle centerpieces. Our simulated nets, stones and shells looked so cute on the tables.
Here’s our emcee for this event, Elizabeth Creith who did a fabulous job.
Charlie spent most of his breaks graciously signing books for fans.
It was great fun to toe tap and sing along to the familiar tunes provided by our great musical trio.
Here’s SiN member Angie Gallop and Gord Graham doing just that!
We gave away several door prizes. Here’s Brian Buchanan who won the first copy of Little Ship of Fools that we gave away. I bet he’s going to enjoy the read!
If you don’t have a copy, you can always read the copy at Thessalon Public Library. You’ll know it by the “Stories in the North Pick” sticker on the cover.
Here’s some of the guests who smiled for our camera during the evening.
gordkevrick guests  angie&guests  guests2   guests3    beyers&happala  kathy
We thank SiN member Heather Blois for looking after the door and drink tickets all evening.
And we thank Tom Carnahan (pictured here on the left with musician Al St. Pierre) for taking care of our lights and sound for us. It adds a great quality to the show.
Ali thanked Al for doing such a great job on the music, along with her husband Len….
…who we caught grabbing a bite to eat.
Here’s a few more of our guests….
ali&friends  mark&gerry Mom&son  sisters teachers  wharncliffecrew
We thank all of you for helping to make this event a success and we also thank the Ontario Arts Council for their support and of course we thank this fellow….
Charles Wilkins for making this evening so great!
We can’t wait to do it again.


  1. Fantastic pictures Pauline! Not only do these depict the event, but there are some great portraits of the people I love. Ali Doi’s hug with Al St. Pierre; the nice relaxed shot of the “Thessalon Navy” (Gord, Kevin, Rick). I could go on and on. Priceless!

    • Great pictures, Pauline, and great writing, Angie! I’m safely in London and leaving tomorrow for the Lake District. As I can’t remember any of my passwords – the result of age and computerphobia, I had to improvise. The British Museum rocked!

      • Pauline Clark says:

        Hey Elizabeth…great to hear from you. Enjoy your trip and we will see you when you return home! And glad you enjoyed the photos.