A Photographic View of Open Mike Night

The weather may have tried to get in the way of last Friday’s Open Mike Night but there was no stopping contestants and audience members from showing up at Thessalon Legion! When all was said and done, it was a great night that culminated in an equally great “after show” with the three musical contestants; Al St. Pierre, Bruce Beyer and Jeff Hinich (he came all the way from Searchmont on a less than perfect day).

al bruce jeff

Here’s a look at the musicians tuning up for a little jam. Did you know “Music & Lyrics” is one of our hardest categories to fill? Tell the musicians you know–they’d have a one in five (at most) chance of winning a nice crisp $50 bill–all for a song! (Or maybe a few more if there’s another “after party”!)

After an evening of snacking, drinks (yes, alcoholic) AND Looming Deadline coffee for the abstainers, the audience votes were tabulated and the winners announced. Winners included (from left) Pauline Clark (yes, that’s me!) for Poetry, Ali Doi for Fiction, Jeff Hinich for Music & Lyrics; and Heather Blois for True Stories. Each winner received a nice crisp $50 bill!


As usual, emcee Gerry Clark kept the show running–and took the liberty of entertaining the crowd with some of his own somewhat colourful stories about Thessalon.

gerry at the mike

If you’ve never been to an Open Mike Night, you’ll want to watch for news of the next one. It’s a great evening out and a great way to hear some of the vast amount of talent that can be found right here in Thessalon and throughout the whole district.

Here’s a few more photos from Friday’s event:


Tom Carnahan is our light and sound guy! He’s a great resource for us to have—he makes putting on a show so much easier!

the clearwaters & norm

Here’s some Legion members. We enjoyed Russell Clearwater’s poetry too! He’s the guy in the middle. We can’t go on without also thanking the Legion for allowing us to hold our Open Mikes here. It’s a great venue–such a nice atmosphere for an Open Mike! Thanks Heather Mitchell for bartending and patiently waiting for us to finish up!

round of applause  the audience

These photos might give you an of how great the show was–just look at how animated AND captivated these audience members are!

marilyn & Liz  Linda & Happala (2)  gord malcolm bruce & tomGabrielle, Bernice &

Here’s some more audience members who smiled for our camera during one of the breaks. Sure looks like everyone was having a good time!

Peggy & Jeff  

Here’s Peggy and Jeff who travelled from the Sault & beyond for the event! They told us how much they enjoyed their evening. We enjoyed having them both participate in the Open Mike too!

     Angie&Russell Clearwater

Here’s Angie, who’s a SiN (We LOVE our acronym, don’t you?) member chatting with Russell. Angie’s got a brownie or something else yummy on that plate. There’s another little tidbit for you–SiN is KNOWN as “the home baking literary festival”!

 Al, Barb, Gerry

There’s our emcee (on the right) chatting it up with contestant Al St. Pierre and his wife, Barb.

And when the show started up again….

angiewith door prize

We made sure to give away a few door prizes. Here’s Angie holding up a copy of Little Ship of Fools, author Charlie Wilkins’ new book. (Did you know Charlie will be in Thessalon for an author event on Saturday, May 3rd?) We also gave away a couple of passes to Charlie’s evening show and some St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters’ Looming Deadline coffee.

a door prize winner

Here’s sue, the lucky winner of that book! Hey, if you want to read Little Ship of Fools, look for it at Thessalon Public Library or–if you can wait–we bet Charlie will have some copies with him in May! You could even get one autographed.

 heather & ali

And finally, here’s our faithful vote counters, vote gatherers, food & coffee organizers and all around super-duper members of SiN. Both also took the time to enter the event! We’re so happy they still had the energy for that after all they do for SiN. Ali (on the right) actually was quoted as saying, “I love SiN!”

We all do, Ali! Say it loud. WE ALL LOVE SiN!

Stories in the North is the best and we thank all of our supporters who help make it that way!


  1. thanks to the poets & participants of thessalon for pushing back against the winter/letting the bluesky songs of spring return to northern ontario

    • Pauline Clark says:

      And thank you too Jeff for venturing out into the last remains of winter and sharing your many talents with us!

  2. Wish I could have been there!

    • Pauline Clark says:

      It truly was a great night. I, for one, would love to see us do another one late summer. Who thinks this is a good idea?

      • I think it is a great idea! Due to the freezing rain warning, our Elliot Lake friends couldn’t attend. (They had a van-load of seven people!) So we’ve been tossing around the idea of a summer open mike.